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Conveniently submit feed, forage, water, and fecal sample information directly to Rock River Laboratory with a few screen taps

The FeedScan sample-submission application for smartphones and tablets offers convenience and time savings for optimal user experience and success. 

The FeedScan app features:

  • Auto-complete to quickly select names
  • A profile-saving function to save selections, making future sample submissions quick and easy
  • An optional review screen to examine the selected information before submitting a sample
  • Ability to send test results directly to any e-mail address in the user’s phone book, right from the app
  • Two standard options for sample submission - through bar code scan or via the code generation function

FeedScan is available for download at the App Store (search FeedScan in iPhone-only apps) and in Google Play.

Follow the links below for app instructions, time-saving tips, and other helpful FeedScan tools:

FeedScan app instructions

FeedScan FAQs

FeedScan tips and tricks resource

Rock River Laboratory

Founded in 1976, Rock River Laboratory is a family-owned laboratory network that provides production assistance to the agricultural industry through the use of advanced diagnostic systems, progressive techniques, and research-supported analyses.  Employing a team of top specialists in their respective fields, Rock River Laboratory provides accurate, cost-effective, and timely analytical results to customers worldwide, while featuring unsurpassed customer service.

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